Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We Need To Reset The Bar For Our Future Leaders

We were watching MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this AM when the anchor cut away to an FOXNEWS interview with former Florida governor, Jeb Bush.
In the piece Bush said the following:
“The President’s policies have failed.  He has taken a bad situation and made it worse.  It is fair to criticize him for that.  That is politics.  But to blame him for everything from the common cold to…that’s wrong.  I think questioning his motives is wrong.  It is not enough to just to say that you should win because you are against something.  You have to be for something.  You have to persuade.  You have to motivate.  You have to have solutions to the problems.”
What we found remarkable was the reaction of the pundits to the governor’s remarks.  They were absolutely gushing over the governor’s tone, his comportment and his calm and thoughtful demeanor.  It was like they had never heard anything quite like it before.
Has our political dialogue sunk so low that a politician who speaks calmly with forethought and reason is an enigma?  Have we become so use to hearing candidates throw around accusations of treason and socialism that we are shocked when we hear thoughtful, reasoned dialogue?
We disagree with former governor Bush on a whole host of political issues; but we could not agree with him more on this matter.  It’s not enough to scream, holler and run around with your hair on fire.  The people want solutions to the country’s problems.  The candidates that can best articulate their solutions to those problems should be seriously considered.  The rest ignored as mindless noise.
The governor got it right.  We need to reset the bar for our future leaders.    

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