Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still Waiting For The President's Plan

The President took to the campaign trail yesterday, making stops in Minnesota and Iowa.  The White House says that these are not campaign stops but rather town hall meetings designed to allow the President an opportunity to talk directly to the people.
The President stepped out of character and launched a direct attack on his Republican opponents, criticizing them for their blanket opposition to his policies.  He accused Republicans of putting politics ahead of country.  He referred to Republican’s willingness to allow the country to default rather than compromise on tax increases stating: “that’s just not common sense.”  He defended his willingness to set his own personal beliefs aside to reach compromise with Republicans saying: “I make no apologies for being reasonable.”
While the President was eager to attack Republican Congressional intransigence he was reticent to offer any specifics on how he would fix the country’s economic woes.  He spoke of extending the payroll tax holiday and extending unemployment benefits.  He talked about passing a new patent law and new trade agreements; all good ideas that will put more money into needy pockets.    
But he didn’t get specific about the number one topic on the minds of most Americans.  Jobs!
The President promised that he would announce his "very specific" plan for increasing jobs and reviving the economy when Congress returns in September.  Those of us who were hoping for something substantive NOW will have to wait….again.
The President spent a lot of time blaming others for the mess that we are in.  He spoke about Bush’s two unfunded wars and Bush’s unfunded prescription drug program.  He spoke of recessions, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, the Arab Spring and Republican intransigence.  He outlined a host of legitimate reasons why we are where we are.  But he didn’t tell us how he will lead us out of the mess that we are in.
We have heard this type of build up before.  We have heard the proclamations that “coming soon, the President’s plan to …” only to be disappointed by the lack of specificity.
It is time for the President to stop rationalizing how we got into this mess and give us HIS "very specific" plans for getting us out.            

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