Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time To just Say "No"

Just a quick comment about the events in Libya.
It appears that Gadhafi’s days are numbered.  It seems unlikely that he will ever be able to regain control of the country.  So we are left to answer the question: “what’s next?” 
The truth is nobody knows.
There are certainties to be considered.  Once Gadhafi is removed there will be a struggle among the local tribes for land and power; a vacuum that several factions will move to fill.  Key will be the disposition of oil reserves that produce 2% of the world’s crude.   We can expect that the United States will be asked to play a major role in brokering a peaceful resolution to this conflict. 
So what do we do?
 It is our fervent hope that whatever assistance the United States offers it will be in the form of advice and counsel not arms and money.  The United States has already spent over $1billion dollars that we don’t have assisting the rebels and NATO coalition.  It is time for the rest of the world to take over the mantel of policeman and peacekeeper.
It is striking that our country is involved in three military conflicts that raise barely a blip on the American conscience.  Americans don’t know when we are leaving Iraq or why we are still in Afghanistan.  And they care even less about the fall of Gadhafi or the resolution of the unrest that is certain to follow. 
Americans care about jobs and the economy.  They care about their kids’ educations and their 401ks.  Americans do not have the stomach for brokering a deal in a foreign land half way around the world.  We don’t have the money nor do we have the resolve.
The world wanted Gadhafi gone.  It appears that their wish will be granted.  As the saying goes: “be careful what you wish for.” 
America will once again be asked to play a major role in rebuilding a country.  It is time to just say “no”.        

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