Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This May Sound Crazy...

…but it is time to take Donald Trump’s presidential run seriously.
While Trump is a bombastic, self promoting, egomaniacal, attention seeking wind bag he is also plain spoken, eloquent, savvy and a shrewd successful businessman.  The fact that he has more money than God doesn’t hurt.  He is leading all other Republican candidates in the polls and all of them are floundering in his wake.
His recent interviews have been pure Trump.  His fixation on Obama’s birthright has Washington insiders shaking their heads.  He says things that would cause most political handlers to wince. 
He is hard on China.  He says that they are laughing at us all the way to the bank.  He says if he were President he would simply march over there and demand that they stop manipulating their currency to our detriment, “and they would do it because we hold all the cards.  All you need is the right messenger.  Me.”
On Libya and Iraq he simply feels that we should take their oil wells.  After all when you conquer a country that’s what you do.
But most of all he is proud to be a citizen of what he believes is the greatest country on earth.  He is saddened by the depths that we have reached and if elected he is confident that he would return America to its rightful place as the leader of the world.
Like him or not, his message is resonating with a growing number of Americans.
Will he run?  Who knows!  Typical Trump he has given us a date on which he will announce the date on which he will announce whether or not he will run.
Is he a serious candidate or is he just taking this opportunity to promote all things Trump?  It is hard to tell.  But people are listening to him and taking him very seriously.  So until we learn otherwise perhaps we should as well.


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