Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is more of an “FYI” page.
Below you will find three new posts on various subjects.  In each of these comments we question the President’s leadership role.  We do so because for the first two years of his administration he has appeared content to serve as our Mediator-in-Chief rather than our Commander-in-Chief.  From health care reform to Afghanistan; from Guantanamo to the budget the President has exhibited a tendency to sit back and watch while the other branches of government beat each other up.  Then, at the eleventh hour he likes to ride in on his white horse and oversee a compromise to the conflict.  Unfortunately the finished product is often a muddled mess and the delay in reaching a resolution costly.
We believe that this President has some very definitive ideas on how things should go in Washington.  The American people felt that way as well which is why they elected him to office.  But over these past two years his experiences as a community organizer seem to overshadow his willingness to do that which he was elected to do…lead.
If you read the next three posts you will see what we mean.

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