Thursday, October 8, 2015

Train Wreck!

Kevin McCarthy’s eleventh hour decision to pull his name out of the Speaker’s race speaks volumes.

It says that whatever moderates that may be left in the Republican Caucus serve at the pleasure of the far right fringe.

It says that in this herd of cats known as the GOP, “governing” is a mortal sin and “compromise” is a four letter word.

It says that the far right minority will resort to any means necessary to get their way; even if it means destroying their Party’s chance of winning a general election.

It say that there is no understanding within this caucus that the first step to getting your agenda put into law is finding a consensus within your own ranks.

Kevin McCarthy’s decision to withdraw rather than deal with the irresponsible nonsense coming from his right is the clearest sign yet that this is a party on the fast track to political irrelevance.

The GOP can’t govern itself. Why should voters believe that it can govern the country?

Train wreck!

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