Friday, October 30, 2015

GOP Candidates Revolt! Meet To Bargain Collectively!

The GOP candidates are mad as hell…and they’re not going to take it anymore!

The Republican Party has railed against the liberal bias of the main street media for as long as I can remember. And so it came as quite a shock when I learned that the Republican National Committee had decided to cede production control of its important presidential debates to various new outlets.

Now, three debates into the cycle, it appears that the committee’s decision has resulted in a candidate revolt against both the media and the RNC.

The GOP candidates are up in arms over the debates. They are unhappy with the selection process and the length of time on stage. They are unhappy about the type of questions being asked…the “gotcha” questions and what they claim to be demeaning queries posed for the sole purpose of embarrassing the candidate. They are unhappy with the inadequate time they are given to respond. They are unhappy with the tone and tenor of the moderators. And they are unhappy with the RNC; who they believe failed to adequately represent their best interests during negotiations with the biased media outlets.

Two days ago the nation watched as this anger was unleashed during the third presidential debate. Almost every candidate on stage took valuable debate time to lash out at the media in general and the moderators specifically. They stood united against the evils of the biased left wing main street media.

Last night we learned that the GOP candidates are taking their dissatisfaction with debate process to another level.

POLITICO is reporting that this coming Sunday representatives of each of the GOP contestants will meet behind closed doors to discuss their dissatisfaction with debate process. It is expected that they will cobble together a list of demands that they expect to be met moving forward.

It is interesting to note that the leaders in organizing this meeting are the “unqualified never held an elected office outsiders” Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

It is also interesting to note that the RNC was not invited to attend.

One of the major tenants of conservative ideology is a push back against workers’ rights to bargain collectively. The GOP has no stomach for unions. Any elected official whose resume’ includes a history of fighting successfully against organized labor is a hero in the eyes of the Grand Old Party. For example Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is highly regarded for beating back the employees’ union in his state. He made his bones and won three gubernatorial elections on the strength of his success against organized labor. Walker is not the first to ascend within the Party largely due to his stance against organized labor and he most certainly will not be the last.

So given the Party’s history of fighting against organized labor, I find it fascinating that fourteen of the most highly accredited members of the Republican Party would pool their resources to bargain collectively for better working conditions. Presidential wannabes who have worked tirelessly to deny others the right to bargain collectively now coming together when it suits their personal interests.

The hypocrisy here is beyond the pale.

Just another example of those who find it easy to preach their conservative ideology to others but are unable to practice it themselves.

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