Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This & That

HILLARY – The State Department has released another 7,000 pages of emails produced by Hillary Clinton during her time as our nation’s chief diplomat. Subsequent to being retrieved from Mrs. Clinton’s personal server, 150 of those emails have now been marked by the State Department as “Confidential.” “Confidential” is the lowest classification applied to sensitive documents by State.

These 150 emails are in addition to the 305 emails that were marked as “Classified” after they were pulled from Mrs. Clinton’s server.

Mrs.. Clinton has maintained that she is innocent of charges that she mishandled classified documents as none of the emails sent via her personal email account and archived on her personal server were marked as “Classified” at the time they were transmitted or received. It is only now, years later that the State Department is considering them to contain sensitive information.

Here’s the thing…

If you are forcing those who wish to communicate with you to do so via your personal email account housed on your personal server in your home, you are effectively preventing the State Department from viewing those communications and determining whether or not they should be deemed “Classified.” Once the State Department finally had the opportunity to view Mrs. Clinton’s emails they found hundreds of sensitive communications that would have been considered classified had State ben allowed real time access.

Mrs. Clinton’s proffered defense is as damning as her reckless sense of entitlement.

OBAMA – The president is in Alaska today making his case for man’s effect on climate change. The president argues that manmade climate change is a real and present danger and that as the world’s second largest emitter of climate warming pollutants the US must act decisively.

The president has been consistent in calling out industry leaders to move away from fossil fuels and adopt more climate friendly sources of energy. So it seems hypocritical that at the same time he is making this ecological argument he has authorized Shell Oil to begin offshore drilling in the Arctic. The Artic region has always been off limits for oil exploration. That is until this president decided to put our most pristine ecosystem at risk.

CRAZY – A new PPP poll of Republican voters has Donald Trump in firm command of the race for their Party’s nomination. Trump received 29% of the vote. Surprisingly, it is Ben Carson that comes in a distant 2nd with 15% of the vote. Jeb Bush ranks 3rd with 9% and surging Carly Fiorina comes in 4th at 8%. Chris Christie is barely clinging to relevance in 10th place with only 2%. Oh, and Rand Paul can be seen falling into the abyss with 1%.

It is interesting that Washington outsiders Trump, Carson and Fiorina are surging while establishment candidates like Bush, Walker, Christie, Paul and Perry are failing.

What is more interesting are the responses to some of the other questions in this highly respected poll.

Republican voters were asked if they believed that Barak Obama is a Christian or a Muslim. Only 14% believe that the president is as he says he is…a Christian. 54% believe he is a Muslim. 32% aren’t sure. 86% of Republican voters nationwide question the veracity of the president’s faith.

Republican voters were asked if they believe that Barak Obama was born in the US. 29% say they believe Barak Obama was born in the US. 71% of Republican voters believe that he is not a US citizen and therefore an illegitimate president.

Perhaps answers like these explain why Donald Trump is the leading candidate for the Republican nomination. If nothing else they affirm the notion that more Republicans get their news from FOX NEWS than any other source.

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