Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hillary And Bernie Are Smiling

Scott Walker has left the building.

The Wisconsin governor announced yesterday that he was suspending his campaign.

Once thought to be one of the favorites to win the nomination; Walker was never able to sustain any traction in the polls.

The truth is that Walker’s poll numbers began to plummet the minute he set foot outside of Wisconsin. Wisconsin voters elected Walker twice and helped him to defeat a recall challenge. But cutting jobs and slashing pensions was not a winning message outside the cheese state. Once voters got a closer look at his union busting bona fides the bloom quickly fell off the rose.

Walker didn’t help himself on the stump. Sweaty and stilted he never projected the persona that voters want to see in their president. And he seemed strangely out of touch when it came to matters of national security.

Walker proclaimed that his life experiences prepared him to serve as commander-in-chief. He likened running the military to his time as an Eagle Scout and compared fighting radical extremists to standing up to union protestors.

That said…Walker is a state governor who has real time experience running a large government organization. Traditionally that experience would hold a candidate in good stead among primary voters. But in today’s Republican Party that experience is of no consequence.

In the past 48 hours the Republican frontrunner (Trump) has questioned the president’s birthright and faith while the runner-up (Carson) has announced that he would oppose a person of Muslim faith ascending to the presidency. Sadly the reaction from the other Republican candidates to these hateful, racist, constitution defying comments has been less than underwhelming. Fear of angering the base trump’s all. No profile in courage here…a Sister Souljah opportunity missed.

And while Republican candidates engage in this outrageous dialogue their cohorts in congress are alienating women, blacks and Hispanics.

The Republican Party is once again in disarray.

Somewhere Hillary and Bernie are smiling

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