Friday, August 28, 2015

"PC" Distraction

I can’t believe that I’m saying this! I agree with Donald Trump!

Trump says that political correctness (PC) in this country has gotten way out of hand. I agree! Not only do I think that we have become too thin skinned; I believe that smart people are skillfully using PC to distract us in order to further their agenda.

Case in point! Yesterday Hillary Clinton touched off a firestorm on the right when she compared Republican policies on women’s health issues to the manner in which ISIS treats women. As you might expect the right responded with hair on fire outrage:

“Hillary Clinton owes Republicans an apology. How dare she compare the opinions held by a large segment of Americans to the tactics used by the butchers who fly the ISIS banner.”

“Can you imagine the reaction from the left if a Republican had uttered those words?”

Yes I can. Republicans have been just as guilty of engaging in dog whistle politics to fire up their base and infuriate the left. For every racist remark Republicans fired off at Barak Obama I am sure I could find an equal number of left wing slurs against George W. Bush’s intelligence.

Hillary Clinton’s recent combativeness on the stump make it clear that she has grown weary of the constant questioning about her email issues. She has no good answer. That, along with her prickly demeanor and condescending attitude…are killing her in the polls. What better way to change the narrative than to roll out a new shiny object for the press and public to chase. Red meat for the press to quote...partisan rhetoric to fire up the base.

The immediate result…only one question about her emails.

As I said Republicans are equally adept at playing this game. The faux outrage over Clinton’s remarks fires up the right and turns the discussion away from Republican policies that ARE very unpopular with most women.

All of this nonsense distracts us from having a substantive discussion about the important issue at hand…women’s’ health…specifically a woman’s right to choose.

Of course all of this discussion hinges on whether or not you believe that government should have a voice in women’s health issues.

I don’t.

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