Monday, August 3, 2015

"Biden Values" = Game Change

The big news over the weekend is that Vice President Joe Biden is considering a run at the White House. Those who characterize Biden as more cartoon character than serious politician may scoff at the thought, but I see a Biden candidacy as a game changer.

There are serious concerns among the Democratic faithful that Hillary Clinton’s candidacy may be vulnerable to a qualified Republican opponent. While Mrs. Clinton remains the clear frontrunner for the nomination, drama and scandal seem to follow her wherever she goes. Questions regarding her veracity and character dominate the news cycles to the extent that her unfavorable poll ratings continue to soar. Recent revelations about her emails and ties between her state department directives and huge donations to the Clinton foundation only fuel the narrative. Throw in coincidental seven figure payments to her husband for a nominal days work and you have the makings of conspiracy theories writ large.

Where Mrs. Clinton is seen as evasive, cold and calculating Joe Biden exudes warmth, honesty, integrity, decency and strength of character. While critics may like to point out his “crazy uncle” screw ups no one has ever questioned his values. Add decades of experience in the senate and as Vice President and you have the makings of a formidable candidate. President Obama called his choice of Biden as his Vice President: “the best political decision I ever made.” No small revelation from the guy who picked Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State.

During his final days before succumbing to cancer Biden’s son Beau encouraged his father to run. He told his father: “Washington needs “Biden" values.” Truer words were never spoken.

I don’t know if Joe Biden will enter this race. I don’t know if candidate Biden could ever make up the early organizational and fundraising lead amassed by the Clinton campaign. But should Joe Biden decide to run he will offer a stark and refreshing contrast to the political narrative that we have borne witness too for these past several months.

He will bring “Biden values.”

That’s a good thing.

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