Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trump and Sanders Shocking The Establishment

Rand Paul posts a video where he is seen cutting up the US Tax Code with a chainsaw.

Upon learning that Donald Trump has released Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number to the public; Graham posts a video where he demonstrates the various ways one can destroy a cell phone. Golf clubs, baseball bats and tall buildings are featured.

Mike Huckabee decides to voice his views on the president’s nuclear arms deal with Iran saying that the deal effectively “takes the Israelis and marches them to the oven door.”

In 10 days the communication arm of the Republican Party, FOXNEWS, will telecast the first in a series of presidential debates. FOX has informed the GOP that only the top ten candidates in five yet to be named national polls will be granted a place at the podium.

Wining a place on that stage is everything to the GOP hopefuls. As one conservative op-ed writer put it: “If you are not on that stage you are irrelevant.” Thus instead of focusing on the issues we see desperate GOP candidates resorting to gimmicks and inflammatory rhetoric in a blatant attempt to capture the attention of the voting public.
Why the desperation? Because Donald Trump has stolen the spotlight. Much to the chagrin of the Party establishment Donald Trump is the media darling that completely overshadows everyone else in the race.

Trump ranks first or second among GOP contenders in every national poll. Heading into the debates he is the clear frontrunner for the nomination. His message is a simple one…Washington is broken…our stupid politicians care more about being re-elected than they do about governing…and who better than Trump, the ruthless mega rich businessman, to negotiate deals that will make America great again. It is a populist message that is resonating with the American people to the extent that the GOP leadership is panicked over how to stop it. “He’ll never be the nominee” they say. They’ve been saying that since Trump announced and all he has done is gain in popularity.

The same holds true in the Democratic tent.

The coronation of Hillary Clinton has hit a snag. While Clinton still holds front runner status in the polls her “unfavorable” ratings continue to soar as she struggles to get her email message straight. Americans don’t trust her. They favor her over any of the GOP candidates…but they don’t trust her.

While Clinton is floundering Bernie Sanders is flourishing.

Sanders is skyrocketing up the polls; cutting Clinton’s once seemingly insurmountable leads to single digits. He is drawing huge crowds wherever he goes. Sanders took his road show into bright red Louisiana where he outdrew Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Then he was off to Dallas and Houston where over ten thousand came to hear his message.
Like Trump, Sanders carries a populist tune. Higher wages, more jobs, rebuild our infrastructure. Unlike Trump, Sanders refuses to attack his opponents; preferring instead to focus on the issues. Voters are listening. Any self-proclaimed Socialist Democratic candidate that can generate that kind of enthusiasm in deep red Texas is a candidate deserves serious consideration.

Republican and Democratic leaders would very much like Trump and Sanders to go away so that the voters and the press could focus their attention on “the legitimate candidates.” But Trump and Sanders aren’t going anywhere. They will be here to the bitter end.

Trump and Sanders have caused a sea change in our electoral politics. Both men have huge opportunities in the upcoming debates. If they can comport themselves in a way that appears “presidential” under that enormous pressure they will force even the most ardent naysayers to consider them serious candidates.

Write this down…Trump and Sanders will each have a “defining moment” in the debates. A moment that will grab media headlines and monopolize the news cycle. Will it be enough to propel them to their party’s respective nomination? It’s too early to tell.

Trump and Sanders are resonating with the electorate. They are changing the very fabric of our politics. Can they win?

No one thought Obama could beat Hillary.

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