Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Greatest Threat To Our Democracy

It appears that the controversial negotiations over Iran’s nuclear capabilities are nearing an end. Whether or not that end includes an agreement is yet to be determined.

As one might expect the negotiations have brought about a flurry of partisan commentary both on the Hill and in the press. Those who stand in opposition have opined that the president’s decision to engage Iran is more about his legacy than our country’s best interests. They are quite certain that he will agree to ANY deal in order to bolster his legacy; even if the deal a bad one.

I have purposely avoided weighing in on this subject because until such time as an agreement is reached any commentary is pure speculation.

I will say that I find it disheartening that the opposition would go to such extraordinary efforts to undermine the negotiations given that the details are yet unknown. It is sad that our politics have become so toxic that a president’s efforts to disarm one of our staunchest enemies is seen by the opposition as a threat that must be disrupted at all costs less he realize a political victory.

Iran is a threat to our security; of that there is no question. However the biggest threat to our democracy lies within our borders.

I’m not talking about American citizens radicalized by jihadist websites. Nor am I referring to sleeper cells embedded in our society waiting to be activated. I’m talking about a cancer so embedded within our politics that elected leaders would rather go to war than see an opposition president win a diplomatic victory.

The greatest threat to our democracy is us.

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