Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Supreme Court Weighs In

Over the next 48 hours the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on two landmark cases that will ultimately alter the very fabric of our society.

Today the Court will entertain the debate over whether same sex marriages should be legal under federal law and whether a legal union in one state should be recognized in all states. At present 37 states have legalized same sex marriages. 70% of the American population reside in those states. Recent polls show that 58% of Americans believe that same sex marriages should be made legal across the country.

Tomorrow the Court will hear oral arguments over the states’ use of lethal injection to execute prisoners. State penal institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain the three drugs necessary to administer the lethal injection protocols. Many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies opposed to the death penalty have ceased manufacturing the drugs. Several state corrections agencies have attempted to purchase non-FDA approved drugs from foreign countries. Oklahoma has considered manufacturing the drugs by creating its own state run pharmacy. Add the four horrifically botched executions in 2014 and you can easily understand why the Court has decided to weigh in.

But first up…same sex marriage.

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank and self-proclaimed defender of individual liberties against the evils of big government. The Foundation does not believe that the Supreme Court should have agreed to hear this case stating: “The Supreme Court has no better insight into the repercussions of same sex marriage than the individual states.” That may well be true. But as the self-proclaimed defender of the Constitution the Foundation should be well aware that in this country the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter in those instances where the states cannot agree. Evidently in the eyes of the Heritage Foundation the defense individual liberties only applies to heterosexuals. Member of the LGBT community need not apply.

It’s going to be a very interesting couple of days.

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