Thursday, April 23, 2015

Things I wonder about...

I wonder why LGBT citizens are required to pay the same taxes as straight citizens since they are not afforded the same rights, privileges and protections.

I wonder why in spite of administration regulations to the contrary, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was permitted to store her work and personal emails on a personal server in her home.

I wonder why private citizen Hillary Clinton was permitted with impunity to scrub the hard drive on that personal server of emails that are the subject of a congressional subpoena.

I wonder why independent investigative reporters at the New York Times, Washington Post and Newsweek are all wrong to question why oligarchs from several foreign countries who donated hundreds of millions to the Clinton Global Foundation, including millions in personal appearance fees to Bill Clinton, profited from State Department authorizations while Mrs. Clinton served as secretary.

I wonder why the Clintons did not disclose those donations given that they promised the Obama Administration full disclosure.

I wonder what those deleted emails would have to say about the matter.

I wonder why any criticism of the Clintons is waved off as a right wing conspiracy.

I wonder why given all the Clinton scandals that we are sure to endure over the next 19 months someone from within the Democratic Party isn’t challenging her.

I wonder how Ted Cruz was ever elected to the United States Senate.

I wonder why Speaker Boehner is so bad at his job.

I wonder why the greatest nation in the world is ok with an education system that is failing its children.

I wonder why the greatest nation in the world is ok with an infrastructure that more closely resembles a third world country than a world power.

I wonder why, in the greatest nation in the world, an American citizen can go to work every day at a full time job and still be forced to live in poverty.

I wonder why the abortion language in a human trafficking bill trumps the confirmation of our nation’s highest law enforcement officer.

I wonder why our president is not allowed to decide for himself who serves on his cabinet.

I wonder why so many Americans hate President Obama because he is black.

I wonder why given all the people in this country living in poverty, including 16 million children, we throw away one third of all the food we produce.

I wonder why banks that were once so big they crashed our economy are now bigger than ever.

I wonder why congress is so interested in the nuclear agreement with Iran but disinterested in approving an ongoing war against ISIS.

I wonder why we think a nuclear agreement with Iran will hold up given that in the middle of these sensitive negotiations Iran is shipping weapons to radical extremists in Yemen.

I wonder why we are fighting with Iran in Syria but against Iran in Yemen.

I wonder why we allowed Putin to secure ownership of 20% of our uranium production.

I wonder why unemployment benefits are considered a handout but paying farmers subsidies not to grow stuff is good business.

I wonder why raising taxes on the top 1% is considered a distribution of wealth but paying tax payer subsidies to big oil conglomerates is not.

I wonder why congress approved a trade agreement with the Pacific Rim countries without knowing all the details.

These are just some of the things I wonder about.

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