Thursday, February 5, 2015

Does anyone have a problem with that...

The United States is currently conducting military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen. It is clear that within the next few months we will be sending arms and munitions to Jordan and Ukraine. Along with the weaponry will be “military advisors” who will train the Jordanians and Ukrainians in the proper deployment and usage of those arms. If you are a student of American military history you know what usually happens soon after the “advisors” arrive. And let us not forget the ongoing debate over whether we should engage Iran by destroying its nuclear facilities. Israel may very well make that decision for us.

By my count that makes eight countries where the United States is either actively engaged or contemplating some sort of aggressive military intervention. And by engaging in the Ukraine the United States would in affect be waging a proxy war against Russia.

Eight countries…

…plus Russia

Does anyone have a problem with that?

And just for the sake of conversation…does anyone have a problem with the fact that with the exception of Afghanistan and Iraq congress has yet to authorize the president to conduct any of these military engagements? In point of fact congress has done everything in its power to avoid addressing these issues. They would much prefer to allow the president to walk this path alone. What better way to avoid taking a politically risky, possibly career ending war vote, than to ignore the whole thing altogether. Better to deflect buy focusing the country’s attention on the president’s “blatantly unconstitutional executive orders.”

Does anyone have a problem with that…

…or is it just me.

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