Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Well Done Governor Walker!

Newly re-elected Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker is feeling pretty full of himself. And why shouldn’t he? Last weeks’ victory was his third electoral win in four years. After his initial election to the governor’s mansion he blew up the public workers’ union, stripped their benefits down to bare bones, withstood a recall vote and squelched a statewide push to raise the minimum wage. Last week the Governor was rewarded for his efforts with a second term. Walker is so popular among the party movers and shakers that he is considered a serious candidate for a place on the 2016 ticket.

Brimming with confidence from his recent victory, Walker has set his sights on the slackers and misfits in his fair state that can’t seem to take care of themselves. Walker has decided to go after those who dare to apply for welfare and unemployment benefits. He wants to drug test them.

You see Walker believes that most folks who apply for government benefits are losers who game the system and use the money to buy drugs. So Walker has decided to drug test anyone applying for social safety net benefits within his state. Never mind that several other states have implemented the same discriminatory laws only to find that drug use among those applying for benefits is not only statistically non-existent, it pales in comparison to the general population. But Walker is undeterred. After all, says Walker: ‘The people of Wisconsin are entitled to know where their hard earned tax dollars are being spent.”

I agree! In fact I think that Governor Walker’s policy should be expanded to the federal level. Any person applying for or currently receiving government funds should be drug tested. Let’s weed out the slackers!

Let’s start with the 535 members of the newly elected Congress of the United States of America. These folks take home an average of $179,500 in government funds plus some very lucrative benefits and perks. Talk about slackers! I mean is there anyone in this country who is considered “gainfully employed” that works less than our elected leaders in congress? Shouldn’t we make certain that they aren’t sniffing that lucrative compensation package up their nose? After all, aren’t the American people entitled to know where their hard earned tax dollars are being spent?

I was thinking that maybe we should expand the drug testing to include the CEOs and board members of the major corporations and banks that get handed billions in government subsidies each year. Farmers too! After all is paying a guy NOT to grow stuff any different than paying a guy not to work? We certainly don’t want to discriminate! I mean if you are going to test the poor and the struggling middle class shouldn’t you test the rich as well…just to be fair? Be it “handout” or “dole”; “tax credit” or “subsidy” it’s all the same thing, right?

There are those that criticize Walker for “waging war on the poor.” Let’s eliminate that controversy; let’s drug test the “movers and shakers” as well.

Well done, Scott! I’m sure everyone will be more than happy to comply.

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