Friday, November 7, 2014

Equality, Hypocrisy, Nonsense and Failed Promises

EQUAL UNDER THE LAW – I thought I read somewhere that in this country we believe that all men are created equal. Apparently that is not the case in Cincinnati, Ohio where the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals reigns supreme. Yesterday the Court upheld gay marriage bans in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. The ruling stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of cases decided in favor of gay marriage since the Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act in June of 2013. 32 states recognize gay marriage. In summary, the 6th Circuit ruling states that gays are not permitted to marry, not permitted to adopt and should not be allowed to have their names placed on their partners’ death certificates. Gay marriages performed legally in other states will not be recognized within the 6th district. The ruling in all probability means that the matter will be heard by the Supreme Court sometime next year.

I for one am mystified by the ruling but not totally surprised given the conservative backwater region in which the court resides. Am I mistaken or are gays born in this country not considered American citizens. Are they not required to pay the same taxes as straight folks? Are they not required to abide by the same laws? Then why are they treated as “less than” when it comes to the rights and privileges of marriage? There are millions of examples of gay couples living in healthy relationships and raising children in a warm nurturing environment. Why are they subjected to this type of bigotry?

HYPOCRISY - This ruling by the 6th Circuit Court is just another example of the hypocrisy of conservative ideology. Conservatives want the government to stay out of their lives. Except for the bedroom! When it comes to bedroom issues you’ll find conservatives creeping under the covers with a flashlight.

FAILED POLICIES – During the mid-term campaigns we heard all sorts of nonsense about how “the failed policies of the Obama administration are hurting the economy.” Yesterday the DOW closed at record 17,550 points…the 21st record high this year. Had Democrats given full throated support to their own successful policy initiatives instead of running away from them Tuesday’s ass whipping might have been avoided.

IMMIGRATION – In his post election news conference the president promised that if congress failed to act on immigration reform he will act on his own “by the end of the year.” You may recall that the president had previously promised to use his executive powers to pass immigration reform measures “by the end of the summer.” At summer’s end he promised to act “before the election.” In the days leading up to the mid-terms he promised to act “after the election.” Perhaps if he had kept one of those promises the Latino community would have ventured out to the polls. Instead they stayed home and Mitch McConnell is moving into Harry Reid’s office.

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