Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What Are You Thinking?

Today begins the six month marathon to the November mid-terms. Today primary voters in key battleground states begin to create the political landscape for the next two years. Even though these are only primary elections the results will play a key role in determining the respective party’s message moving forward.

Over the past several months both political parties have worked tirelessly to create a lasting image that they hope voters will carry with them into voting booth. We found ourselves wondering just exactly what that message might be. What is it that the Democrat and Republican parties want voters to be thinking about when they cast their ballots?

So we decided to look back over the past 60 days leading up to the election to get a sense of what the Democrat and Republican parties wanted voters to hear before casting their vote. We examined key conservative (FOXNEWS, Wall Street Journal) and liberal (MSNBC, New York Times) media outlets to ferret out the party talking points. For nothing gives you a better sense of what a political party stands for than the daily talking points their political hacks repeat ad nauseam. Ask any political operative any question you like…he/she will always return to the days talking points.

Here are our findings.

Democrats – In no order of importance here is what Democrats have been talking about in recent weeks: Immigration reform, gender equity, increasing the minimum wage, gay marriage, health care enrollment, immigration reform, climate change, new trade agreements, immigration reform and diplomacy first in foreign affairs.

Republicans – Again in no particular order here is what Republicans have been talking about in recent weeks: No, No, Benghazi, No, repeal Obamacare, Military intervention in Syria, Benghazi, No, Military intervention in Crimea, No, No, Benghazi, Benghazi, military intervention in Ukraine, the president’s feckless foreign policy, Benghazi, No, No, repeal Obamacare, repeal Obamacare, No, Benghazi, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton has brain damage.

Both parties talked about job creation but in a limited context as compared to the other topics mentioned.

Democrats seem to have a vision for the future on a variety of topics. You may disagree with their vision but at least they have a plan and you know where they stand.

Republicans do not speak of the future. Their focus is on military intervention, Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s mental health.

Which poses this question: Why would you turn power over to a party who seems to ignore our future domestically, promotes an unpopular foreign policy and calls into question the mental health of an individual who is not running for office?

If you think we are being a bit harsh…feel free to perform your own analysis.

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