Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fix It!

FIX IT! – The VA is the largest health care provider in the country. It is also one of the country’s largest beauracratic train wrecks. It has been for decades. The most recent allegations of VA incompetence, waste, fraud and abuse include the revelation that VA administrators have been intentionally altering the books to show that veterans are receiving treatment on a timely basis when in fact they are forced to wait 3-6 months to see a doctor. We now know that at least 40 veterans died while awaiting treatment at a Phoenix VA hospital. The Obama administration responded to the scandal by accepting the “resignation” of VA undersecretary for health Robert Pelzer…a man who had already announced his retirement in October of 2013 and whose replacement the Obama administration had submitted for conferment three weeks ago. The president made a campaign promise to fix the VA…twice. It has been six years yet nothing has been done. The Obama communications department said that the administration has invested more money in the VA than any previous administration. They called Pelzer’s firing an appropriate response. It would appear that the only agency more incompetent than the VA is the Obama communications department. Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Eric Shinseki is expected to meet with the president at 10 AM today. Perhaps the secretary will be tendering his resignation as well. Accepting another “resignation” and throwing more money at the agency won’t fix the VA. The VA needs a complete and drastic overhaul if it is to meet the needs of our veterans. The president needs to fix it.

FIX IT! – The results of the first primaries are in and the GOP establishment had a pretty good night. Led by Mitch McConnell’s 25 point win over Matt Bevin moderate establishment Republicans countrywide posted victories over Tea Party opponents. McConnell celebrated by using his post election speech to label Alison Lundergran Grimes, his Democrat opponent in the general election, as Obama’s candidate. “She is the Democrat candidate because President Obama wants her to be the Democrat candidate.” Unfortunately for Senator McConnell that strategy won’t work. Republicans are just as tired of Washington gridlock as the Democrats. Big money Republican bundlers are making it clear that they are tired of investing in Washington if all they are going to get is more of the same. They want their Republican candidates to stand for something…to have a vision for the future. If the result of the mid-terms is more of the same Washington gridlock then what difference does it make if Harry Reid is majority leader in the senate or Mitch McConnell? Moderate Republicans seem to be convincing their more radical members that before you can change Washington you have to win elections. And in order to win you have reasonable candidates who actually stand FOR something. Thus far there is no apparent plan. Republicans need to fix this if they want to succeed in November.

FIX IT! – GM just announced another recall. 2.4 million GM manufactured vehicles are affected. This is the 27th GM recall this year. Say again…the 27th GM recall this year…15 million GM cars worldwide. GM says two more recalls are imminent. USA Today’s front page headline asks: “Are There Any GM CARS That Haven’t Been Recalled?” GM needs to fix this!

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