Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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ABC News has reported that popular Republican Senator Marco Rubio is not being vetted by the Romney Campaign as a possible running mate.  Mitt Romney say’s that’s not true.  ABC is sticking by its story.  Given Romney’s less than stellar reputation for speaking the truth…we’ll go with the guys at ABC News. 
The Romney boys have totally blown this opportunity to woo the Hispanic/Latino community.  Rubio is a rising star in the party.  He obviously connects with Hispanics and Latinos.  Common sense dictates that you do your due diligence and you leak to the press that you are vetting him.  You watch him deliver his version of the Dream Act and you enthusiastically support it.  You do these things even if you have no intention of picking him for a running mate because it helps you with the Hispanic/Latino community.  The Romney campaign should have gotten out in front of the whole immigration issue.  But they were too busy pandering to the right.  Their harsh anti-immigrant record gave the President an opening and he took it.  The Romney Campaign blew it…and it will cost them dearly in November.

The House Oversight Committee is expected to vote today on whether to find Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.  This all stems from a food fight between Holder and Republican Committee Chairman, Darrell Issa over Holder’s unwillingness to provide subpoenaed documents regarding “Operation Fast and Furious.”  Operation Fast and Furious was a botched federal sting operation that allowed 1,000 weapons to fall into the hands of drug gangs in Mexico.  Some of the lost weapons were later found at violent crime scenes.  Holder argues that the Justice Department has provided the committee with unprecedented access to documents not even included in the subpoenas and that they are willing to comply if given assurances that this will be the end of the fishing expedition.  Issa has said that holder has failed to provide the required documents and wants him found in contempt.

This is nothing more than a political witch hunt for the express purpose of embarrassing a member of the President’s Cabinet and through him the President himself.  Issa simply wants to politicize this failed sting operation and is using the President’s personal friend, Holder, as a scapegoat.  All you have to do is refer back to Issa’s own statement when he assumed the Oversight Committee Chairmanship in 2010.  He made clear his intentions to use his power to examine every Democratic policy and turn over every Democratic rock when he said:  “I intend to hold seven hearings a week…for forty weeks.”  When asked under what jurisdiction he would hold these hearings he said “We own everything.”  Holder has given Issa everything Issa has demanded.  Yet that isn’t enough to stem the witch hunt.  This is vengeance politics at its worst.

The Muslim Brotherhood is claiming that their candidate, Mohamed Morsi has defeated former Hosni Mubarak ally, Ahmed Shafik, in a presidential runoff election.  The Muslim Brotherhood is known for their intense hatred of Israel and its anti west leanings.  It advocates imposing Islamic law into the government.  Nothing like the US advocating free democratic elections in the largest Muslim country in the Middle East only to have the guy who wins want nothing but US death and destruction.  So at least we’ll stop giving the billions in aid we’ve been handing Mubarak all these years…right.  Nope!  Apparently the US believes that it is still in our best interests to continue providing billionsin aid to the new government…even though six in ten Egyptians believe that it has a negative effect.
Just so we’re clear…we gave $1.5 billion/yr. to Mubarak because he helped to keep a lid on Middle Eastern hostilities and he was helpful in promoting the Israel/Palestinian peace process.  Mubarak is gone and the only thing the new government hates more than us is Israel. So we are going to continue to borrow money from China in order to give billions in aid to a new government that hates us and to a population that says they don’t the money.  Only in America! 

Jamie Dimon was hauled before the House Financial Reforms Committee yesterday.  The purpose was another public flogging of Dimon just so the House, like the Senate several days ago, could say the did.  The results were the same.  Dimon was far better prepared and far smarter than anyone sitting on the committee.  In the end this is all much ado about nothing.  It has been years since the collapse of the financial industry and we have yet to see Congress implement any substantive banking reforms.  Yesterday's kabuki theater brought us no closer to that end.                


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