Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh, The Choices We Make!

The Republican candidates will spend today scattered around the country in a last ditched effort to gin up support for tomorrow’s Super Tuesday contests.  Voters in ten states will take to the polls.  At stake, 419 delegates; including 63 delegates in the all important swing state of Ohio.
As Republican voters scan their ballots they will be able to choose among four candidates who have done more to tarnish the credibility of the Republican Party than any slate in recent history.
They can vote for Mitt Romney; the self made millionaire who as governor of Massachusetts presided over a job creation effort that ranked 47th in the country.  The same Romney who as governor served as the architect for the President’s much hated “Obamacare” health care act. Mitt Romney, the world class flip-flopper, who was “for” every major issue before he was against it…or was it the other way around?  They can vote for the same Romney who understands and connects with the middle class about as well as a first grader connects with a nuclear physicist.
They might vote for Rick Santorum.  This would be the Rick Santorum who Republicans can thank for single handedly turning the country’s attention from the President’s record to a debate on contraceptives; the Rick Santorum who would return women’s rights back to the 1950’s. They can vote for the same Santorum who would eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, and social security as we know it as well as the department of education and a whole host of social programs that middle class and poor people depend on.  The same Santorum who would send more troops to Afghanistan; and bomb Iran, Syria, Pakistan and any other country that questions America’s policies.
Or they could consider Ron Paul; the man who would eliminate all federal programs except for the department of defense.  Ron Paul, the man who would leave the uninsured to die in the streets and who would deny aid to victims of hurricanes, tornados and other national disasters.  Ron Paul, the man who would return us to the days of the Wild West where it was every man for himself and most disagreements were resolved by a well placed bullet.  “Give me liberty, or give me death.”  Literally!  
Or they can vote for Newt Gingrich and help him build space camps on the moon. 
But that would just be silly.          

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