Monday, June 13, 2011

A "Stupid" Weekend

There were a number of ridiculous exchanges over the weekend, far too many to detail in their entirety.  Most are notable only for their stupidity.  Here are the highlights:
The Republican leadership took to the Sunday talk shows to rain down on Anthony Weiner’s parade.  It wasn’t enough for the Republicans that the Democratic Leadership was already calling for Weiner to step down; the Republicans had to get in their digs.  Most notable was Republican Chairman Reince Priebus’ pompous appearance on “Meet the Press”.  Apparently Mr. Priebus has forgotten how a long list of his party’s members had to be dragged kicking and screaming from office after being found ethically challenged.  Mr. Priebus’ hypocrisy is typical of Republicans who are always eager to pile on when their Democratic opponents are caught with their pants down; but seem to disappear when one of their own is found in the same compromising position.
Speaking of Weiner…he has to go.  We do not take any joy in taking this position.  Weiner has been one of the strongest proponents of the progressive agenda.  He has been media savvy and just fun to cover.  But he has a serious personal problem.  His refusal to resign and his seeking a temporary leave of absence indicate that he has yet to grasp the seriousness of his problem.  From a political perspective he cannot be effective.  It would be hard for him to be taken seriously by his peers.  One can only imagine the chamber watching Weiner give one of his impassioned pleas while visions of his erect penis dance in their heads.
Tim Pawlenty took a shot at both the President and fellow Republican candidate Mitt Romney.  Criticizing the President’s health care plan and comparing it to the plan then governor Romney implemented in Massachusetts, Pawlenty coined the phrase “Obamnecare”.  That’s it.  That his big policy statement.  That’s all he’s got.  Clever!  Pawlenty will be appearing tonight in the CNN sponsored Republican Presidential Debates…debates nobody will  watch.
Did you catch the media feeding frenzy over the release of former governor Sarah Palin’s emails?  24,000 of Palin’s emails were released in paper form.  The cost to fly these media losers all the way to Alaska so they could read the emails boggles the mind.  And what was the major story mined from these must see documents?  “Emails Reveal a Focused Palin Hard at Work”.  Brilliant!

Newt Gingrich spent the weekend trying to plug up the holes in his sinking campaign.  Newt has vowed to continue on even after watching his executive staff walk out en masse.  It is still hard to believe that a veteran politician like Gingrich could roll out such a disfunctional campaign.  But Newt has been out of the political loop for quite some time.  Since he left Congress to cheat on his wives Newt has been making a living scamming the public.  He must figure one more scam couldn't hurt.  Newt is in it to win least until the next cruise ship sails.

Speaking of vultures...  Newt's political loss was Texas Governor Rick Perry's gain.  Most of the executive staff that bailed on Newt are now working for Governor Perry; raising the prospect that Perry may run for the White House.  It will be interesting to see how the Governor melds a run for the White House with his self-proclaimed desire for Texas to secede from the union.   
Senator Lindsey Graham was at it once again reaffirming that he has never met a war he didn’t like.  When asked about the US response to the violence in Syria and Yemen, where thousands of protestors have been killed by government forces, Graham said: “all options are on the table.”  Apparently Senator Graham believes that our financially strapped economy and woefully thin military can easily step into the fray in Syria and Yemen…and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya.  Someone needs to put a helmet on his little pin head and put him on the first chopper to Syria.  His comments are stupid…and there is no other way to say it.    

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