Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Huntsman May Be the Guy

Republican Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman says that he will formerly enter the presidential race next week.  His entry into the Republican fray will add further intrigue into what is already a very fluid situation. 
Make no mistake Romney is the frontrunner.  But Romney has his flaws.  His robotic personality and penchant for flip flopping on core issues is a turnoff for many of the party faithful.  But he has been here before and he knows how to play in this arena.
Michelle Bachman plays well among the Tea Party faithful.  Unlike Sarah Palin, Bachman has hired some serious campaign strategists and has listened to their counsel.  The results were evident in her strong performance in Monday’s New Hampshire debates. 
Governor Tim Pawlenty stumbled Monday night by showing an unwillingness to attack his opponents even when handed several opportunities to do so.  He came off as weak and indecisive and was deemed the biggest loser in the debate.  Anointed as Romney’s prime competition he will be out of the race if he fails to win Iowa….a scenario that at this juncture seems likely.
Now enters Jon Huntsman.  Huntsman is a very, very smart guy that has an ease about him that Romney lacks.  Like Romney he is a successful businessman that knows his way around a corporate boardroom.  The Tea Partiers will like that fact that he is a small government conservative who speaks their language without setting his hair on fire.  What sets Huntsman apart is that he has spent the past two years as Obama’s ambassador to America’s most feared economic foe…China.  Huntsman has lived with the Chinese and has an understanding of how they think that is unmatched by the other candidates.  His first hand experience is seen by many as invaluable as the US struggles to compete with the ever growing Chinese economy.  Huntsman is unknown to most of America.  That will change quickly over the next few months.
Republicans are seeking a serious candidate that won’t make them hold their breath in fear every time the candidate opens his/her mouth.  They want a candidate who believes in their core values and can express them in a civil manner.  And they want a candidate who has the intellect and political savvy to adjust to this ever changing political landscape.  Jon Huntsman just may be their guy.    

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