Friday, February 18, 2011

Obama Should Thank "Birthers"

The President should thank the “Birthers.”  He should send them a fruit basket or a gift card to a national restaurant chain.  Something!
The “Birther” movement continues to question the President’s citizenship.  This relentless drum beat encourages the media to press Republican leaders to share their opinion.  Watching them squirm as they carefully word their response is pretty entertaining.  They are loath to answer this question.  They believe that it is nonsense; a distraction.  But they cannot bring themselves to state emphatically that they believe that the President is a naturalized citizen.  The best they can do is to say that they “take him at his word.”  That is like having an argument with someone and saying “ok, if you say so.”  It doesn’t solve anything and gives credence to the “Birthers.”
Why, because a majority of their base shares the ridiculous belief that the President was not born in this country.  A recent opinion poll of GOP primary voters shows that 51% of them do not believe the President was born here.
 And for this the President should be thankful.  Anything that distracts the voters from a sluggish economy and massive unemployment is good for him and good for his party.
But for the country, it is a sad state of affairs when the leadership of one of our two major political parties’ does not have the courage to say “I disagree with the President’s politics.  But I believe the President is a US citizen.  I believe he is a Christian and a good father and a good man; and I respect his willingness to serve our country.”             

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