Monday, February 28, 2011

Libya Distracts US Officials From Matters At Home

Why do we Americans feel the need to stick our nose into the business of foreign lands?  Where do we get the audacity to feel that everything that happens in the world is all about us?  It happens all the time.  It is happening right now.  And we are paying a heavy price for our interference; a price no other country is willing to pay.
Our propensity to impose our way of life on others is most exemplified by our politicians.  It is always interesting to watch our elected officials weigh in whenever political unrest erupts in foreign lands.  It is almost like an addiction.  They cannot help themselves.  They take to the airwaves espousing all matter of American might and resolve.  It doesn’t matter if the situation has any bearing on our country or not.  They have to weigh in.    
Libya hosts the most recent version of our meddling in world events.  The Gadhfi regime is on the verge of collapse.  In an effort to hold onto power Gadhfi has ordered his supporters to fire upon the protestors.  Thousands have died or have been injured in the fighting.  The world has called for Gadhfi to step down.  The noise has been deafening.  None have been more vocal than the members of the United States Congress.  They all want to get their two cents in.  And they all want to advise the President on how the US should respond.  Central to their message is the all knowing supreme importance of America taking a leadership role in the situation.  Senator John McCain said that the central rationale for our getting involved in the Libyan unrest is “because America leads.”  That’s it…because America leads.  Others have followed McCain’s lead, criticizing the President for not being more forceful in his counsel to the Libyans.  When asked why we feel the need to infuse ourselves into every international situation, Richard Haass, head of the President’s Council on Foreign Relations said; “because we have the capacity and the will.”  And because we have anointed ourselves to be the world’s big brother Haass warns; “Libya will be our next war.  In two to three years you will see the US involved in military operations in Libya...”
The question is “Why”?  Why is it that while our economy is sinking, our bridges are crumbling, our sick are dying and our children are failing we have the audacity to tell the rest of the word how to live their lives?  Why do our leaders feel they that can balance the politics of the world when they cannot balance their own budget? 
And who appointed the US the world’s big brother and peacekeeper?  Isn’t that what NATO Is for? Certainly the rest of the world is more than happy for the US to assume that role.  While we invest billions to blow things up the rest of the world is investing in their hospitals, their schools and their and their infrastructure.  Yet we continue on, expanding our military presence and imposing our political will because “America leads”. 
Imagine the response of our elected officials if another country tried to weigh in on us.  Imagine China saying “we will continue to loan you the money you need to stay afloat.  In exchange we want to build a military base on US soil to protect our investment.” 

If we don’t get our own house in order that day may be closer than we think.               

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