Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Boehner/Netanyahu: Political Hacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the United States Congress today concerning the impending threat of a nuclear armed Iran. Unfortunately the content of his speech has already been overshadowed by the political controversy surrounding his invitation to speak.

Speaker Boehner and the Republican leadership do not approve of the manner in which the president has used his executive authority to circumvent the obstructionist tactics orchestrated by Congress. They are particularly incensed with the president’s efforts to negotiate a peaceful agreement with Iran over the regime’s development of a nuclear material.

In an effort one up the president, Boehner invited the Israeli Prime Minister to address congress on the Iranian issue without running the idea through the Obama administration. The goal here was to show the world that it is the Republicans, as opposed to the president and the Democrats that are willing to stand with the only democratic government in the region against the Iranian threat.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has accepted the invitation and will address congress today.

This is nothing more than a political stunt orchestrated by two political hacks.

Boehner is terrible at his job. The clown show that he failed to control last Friday proves the point. Inviting Netanyahu without giving the White House a heads up is nothing more than an effort to embarrass the president and score political points. His allowing Netanyahu a worldwide audience a mere two weeks before the prime minister faces a tough re-election vote diminishes congress; turning the institution into a political prop. Boehner has given the world the impression that United States Congress is taking sides in the Israeli election.

Netanyahu is a political hack. His opposition to a US/Iranian accord has been well documented. Boehner’s invitation is like manner from heaven; a lifeline for the embattled incumbent. The only reason he is coming here at this particular time is to strut his bona fides in front of the Israeli electorate. Otherwise why not wait until after the election and avoid all fuss.

No profiles in courage here. Just politics at its worst.

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