Friday, January 30, 2015

This & That

A SIGN OF THE APOCOLAPSE – South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham is contemplating a run for the White House. John McCain’s mini-me…the man who never met a war he didn’t want to wage…has formed an exploratory committee to analyze the viability of his candidacy. Let me be clear…if Lindsay Graham is ever elected president I’m moving.

SPEAKING OF MCCAIN – Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was preparing to testify before McCain’s Foreign Intelligence Committee when a group of protesters interrupted the proceedings. The protestors shouted down the proceedings while brandishing signs accusing Kissinger of being a war criminal. Police quickly rounded up the protestors and escorted them from the room as McCain shouted after them: “Get out of here you low life scum.” McCain, in apologizing to Kissinger for the interruption, said that in all of his years in serving on the committee he had never witnessed such embarrassing and despicable behavior. Apparently McCain has never watched CSPAN. The disrespectful treatment leveled upon Dr. Kissinger bears a great deal of similarity to the manner in which witnesses are often treated by congressional committees…including McCain’s. If a witness can remain awake during the self serving speeches that committee members are apt to give before actually asking a question; they are often subjected to condescending barrage of one sided queries that serve no purpose other than to express the disrespect and disdain the committee member has for the witness. All orchestrated before the cameras to put on a show for the folks back home.

KEYSTONE PIPELINE – Yesterday the senate passed a bill approving the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. Nine Democrats crossed party lines to help Republicans pass the measure. These are many of the same Democrats who have repeatedly expressed their concerns over global warming and other environmental issues. I have no problem with a politician weighing the pros and cons of a bill and voting his/her conscience. But if you are going to go against your alleged principles than at least get something in return. This bill is a big deal for the right. But it is probably dead upon arrival on the president’s desk. I have said this before…if you are going to give in on the pipeline “because it creates thousands of short term jobs” they why not give that vote in exchange for a comprehensive infrastructure bill that creates hundreds of thousands of long term jobs. Compromise is good. Giving away the store is crazy.

“NO, NO, NO, NO, NO…” – That was Romney’s response just a few short months ago when he was asked if he was contemplating another run at the White House. Moderate conservative donors and former Romney campaign staffers are flocking to Jeb Bush saying that they were taking Romney at his word that he would never run again. Now that Romney has reconsidered, many of his former supporters are not certain that they want to go through Mitt Part III. The new Mitt says he wants to focus on helping the poor and the middle class. That’s quite a different message from the old Mitt that said: "I'm not concerned about the poor... we have a safety net for that.” Mitt Romney…three time presidential contender…still trying to define himself.

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