Friday, December 19, 2014

Just Another Example Of "Barak Obama's Failed Policies"

If you follow this space you know that I have often written about the Republican’s constant criticism of “Barak Obama’s failed policies.” Republicans are quick to blame any domestic or foreign policy setback on “Barak Obama’s failed policies. Voters bought into the Republican narrative, fired the Democrats, and placed control of the legislative branch into the Republican’s hands.

I prefer to deal in facts rather than political talking points.

Consider this…

Yesterday we witnessed yet another example of the effect that the president’s “failed policies” are having on our economy.

The DOW rose 421 points yesterday. That marked the largest single day growth in the last three years.

The DOW Jones Industrial Average has risen over 10,000 points since Barak Obama took office.

Allow me to repeat this FACT once more.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen over 10,000 points since Barak Obama took office.
Americans with enough money to invest seem to be doing quite well under “Barak Obama’s failed policies.”

And corporate America seems to be flourishing under “Barak Obama’s failed policies” as well. Last year corporate after tax profits rose to a record 10% of gross domestic product. Add to that 57 straight months of positive private sector job growth and even the middle class is starting to realize economic relief under “Barak Obama’s failed policies.”

Just think where we might be economically if Republicans had stopped the entire obstructionist “BS” and worked with the president to pass, oh I don’t know,a comprehensive jobs bill that included the repair and moderization of our crumbling infrastructure. Or increased the minimum wage incrementally over the next ten years to put more spending money in people's pockets.

It’s too bad the voters listened to the Republican talking points instead of looking at the facts.

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