Monday, September 1, 2014

It's Time For This President To Act On Immigration Reform

The president has had a change of heart.

Over the past few weeks the president has been vocal in his frustration over the failure of House Republicans to act on a comprehensive immigration reform bill.
This past June Speaker Boehner informed the president that the House would not be voting on an immigration bill this year. A defiant Obama responded with a Rose Garden address during which he informed the nation that in the absence of congressional action he was “…beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress.” He announced that he had asked his team to provide by the end of summer a list of executive actions that he could take. The president promised that he would act quickly on the recommendations. Subsequent White House briefings made it clear that the president had every intention of taking action before November mid-terms.

Evidently the president has changed his tune.

It now appears that the president will delay issuing any executive orders on immigration reform until AFTER the mid-terms. The word is that the president is taking heat from vulnerable Democrats who don’t want to spend the critical weeks before the election distancing themselves from the proclamations of an “imperialist president.” Republicans are trying to attach Democrat candidates to the president in any way they can. Finding oneself labeled as a surrogate for a president who would rather violate the constitution than work with congress can have an adverse affect on one’s political future.

Then candidate Obama promised he would pass immigration reform during his first term as president. President Obama repeated that promise during his campaign for re-election. And in past weeks President Obama promised that he would that he would act alone “without Congress” to fulfill that promise. Now we learn that he’s humming a different tune.

I for one appreciate that we have a very deliberative president; particularly when contemplating matters of war. But you can only ruminate about a given subject for so long before it becomes obvious that you really don’t know what the hell to do. At some point paralysis by analysis takes over.

I understand that a handful of vulnerable Democrat politicians may not want to get beat up over the president’s executive orders. But millions of immigrants and minorities are looking to THIS president to fulfill his promise. And they all vote.

Immigration reform is essential to the economic viability of this country. Open borders and the freedom of all races, colors and creeds to live together as one nation lies at the very soul of who we are as a country.

The time for deliberation and political posturing is over.

It’s time for this president to act!

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