Monday, July 7, 2014

Does this mean...?

CHICAGO – 60 Chicago residents were shot and killed over the Fourth of July weekend. Only 5 of the victims were shot by police. So where are all those “good guys with guns” that the NRA says are going to keep us safe? Does this mean the good guys were on holiday?

SUPREME COURT – The Supreme Court ruled that business owners do not have to provide their employees access to health care that includes contraceptives if providing such courage violates the owners’ religious beliefs. Does this mean that a business owner who is a Scientologist does not have to provide employees access to health care…period.

FREEDOM of SPEECH – The Supreme Court ruled that state laws which require protestors at abortion clinics to stay at least 35 feet away from the clinic are in violation of the protestors’ right to free speech and therefore unconstitutional. Does this mean that protestors at political conventions and presidential appearances who are currently restricted to zones well out of camera shot will now be allowed into the convention halls? Will we see them front and center at presidential appearances?

IMMIGRATION – Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, many of them unattended children, have flooded our southern boarders over that past several days, overwhelming the border patrols. The children have been housed in holding centers. But the centers are overflowing, forcing the authorities to move bus loads to neighboring communities to be held until the government can figure out what to do with them. Protestors, fearful of the effects on their communities, have set up roadblocks to keep the buses from entering their towns. The president is scheduled to attend fund raisers in Dallas and Austin later this week. His staff says he has no plans to visit the border to assess the problem first hand. Our government has sent 300 advisors and $500 million dollars to Iraq to stop Islamic extremists from pouring over the Syrian and Iranian borders. Yet the immigration crisis along our own border remains unresolved. Does this mean that the government is more concerned with the security of the Iraqi border than it is with our own?

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