Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obama Responds! Putin Shrugs!

Never underestimate the amount of crazy in a man who enjoys being photographed while horseback riding shirtless.

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a referendum acknowledging Crimea’s secession from the Ukraine and recognizing the peninsula as a free and independent state.

The Obama administration responded by announcing economic sanctions against eleven top Russian and Ukrainian officials believed to be responsible for the Crimean secession.

Putin just shrugged…and informed the press that he would be announcing economic sanctions of his own against members of the US House and Senate.

Putin really doesn’t care what the White House or anyone else in the world thinks. He has the support of the Russian people who applaud his tough guy image and support his desire to return the Motherland to its days of glory. He presides over one of the world’s largest filling stations. He knows the US needs his co-operation on a host of international policy issues. And he has a nuclear arsenal to back his play.

McCain and the war mongers attacked the president’s sanctions as “timid.” They want more. They want the president to provide defensive armaments to the Ukraine and reinstitute the nuclear defense system in Poland. That is a fools’ play. Putin will portray any military buildup in the Ukraine as a threat against Crimea and Russian interests in the region. It will be just the excuse he needs to invade. The truth is there is little that the US can do save all out war…and the American people have no stomach for that solution.

The key to unseating Putin can only come from within the empire. Putin knows this. His KGB back ground knows exactly what it takes to keep the masses in line. Putin will not flinch when it comes to using every means at his disposal to quell any internal unrest.

Putin is coming. The Ukraine is next.

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