Thursday, December 5, 2013

GOP "Officially" Considers Impeachment

If you tune into conservative media outlets or engage conservatives in a debate about the nation’s current state of affairs, at some point the topic of impeachment will enter the conversation. While impeaching President Obama has been a frequent topic among the conservative community it has never officially been discussed within the halls of congress.
Until now…
The GOP led House Judiciary Committee met this week and the number one topic on the agenda…the impeachment of the President of the United States. 
Hate is a very strong word…but Republicans “hate” this guy.  They hate his policies.  They hate his executive orders.  They hate his “too cool for school” attitude and his unwillingness to engage in backroom politics.  Some hate him because they believe he is foreign born and therefore an illegitimate president.  Some hate him because they believe he is a Muslim intent on infusing Sharia Law into the government.  Some hate him because he is black.  They called him a liar to his face and refused to take his phone calls.  Hate is a very strong word…but they “hate” this guy.
Republicans could not defeat him at the polls. They could not defeat him in the courts.  They could not scrounge up enough votes to overturn his policies.  They’ve tried to obstruct him with filibusters and procedural games only to sit by helplessly as he imposed his will through executive orders.  So they turn to the “I word.”  “What else can we do” lamented one committee member.
Any discussion of impeachment is without merit.  The president has not committed an impeachable offense; he is simply guilty of not giving into Republican demands.    Even if Republicans could get such a vote in the House it would never pass the Senate.  The fact that Republicans have elected to officially address the subject in committee, ratchets the discussion to a whole new level.
Our economy is struggling, our infrastructure crumbling.  Our education system is failing to prepare our children for the future.  Millions of Americans are out of work and recent graduates see no hope for the future.  Income disparity threatens the very fiber of our Republic.  Yet, instead of addressing these pressing issues congressional Republicans waste time discussing a fantasy.
The 113th Congress has passed just 55 pieces of legislation thereby making it officially the least productive congress in our history.  Congress’ approval rating stands at 9%; the lowest in our history.
Someone needs to be removed from office…and it’s not the president.      

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