Friday, July 5, 2013

While you were sleeping...

In case you missed it…
You can now add North Carolina to the list of Republican run legislatures that have passed stringent anti-abortion bills.  The onerous operational requirements stated in the North Carolina law will effectively close all but one abortion clinic in the state.  The partisan bill was passed without warning or public notice right before the state legislature adjourned for the holiday weekend.  Not one Democrat voted in support of the bill.
North Carolina joins Texas, Ohio and a host of other states that have passed legislation restricting a women’s right to choose. 
T. Chase Meacham of “policymic” reports: “According to the Guttmacher Institute of New York, which promotes sexual and reproductive health, the number of restrictive qualifiers states have enacted to abortion services has been steadily increasing in recent years.  Eight states restrict insurance coverage, and 17 require counseling.  26 have mandatory waiting periods, and 38 require parental involvement for minors.  46 allow private health care providers to refuse to cover the service, and 39 require a licensed physician to perform the service.”
This move by Republicans is clearly a grassroots, state by state effort to pressure the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade.  It is also an effort on the part of the evangelical right to interject their religious beliefs into state law.
At a time of high unemployment and a lagging economy, to have a bunch of old white men spending their time deciding how women use their bodies by debating the size and lighting requirements of examination rooms, is at best comical and at worst absurd.
Perhaps this is what Republicans mean when they say the the country should be concentrating on jobs, jobs, jobs.

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