Monday, February 18, 2013

Welcome To The 21st Century

Congratulations to the state of Mississippi! 
One hundred and forty eight years after Lincoln abolished slavery from our union, the state of Mississippi has finally, officially ratified the Thirteenth Amendment.
Until February 7, 2013 the state of Mississippi had never submitted the required documentation to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment, meaning that it never officially abolished slavery.
The Thirteenth Amendment was adopted in 1865 after three fourths of the then 36 states voted in favor of ratification.  Mississippi lawmakers refused to sign; upset that they were not being compensated for the value of the freed slaves.
Mississippi did not ratify the amendment until 1995.  But because the state never officially notified the US Archivist, the ratification was not official.
The error was discovered by Dr. Rajan Batra, a professor at the University of Mississippi.  Dr. Batra was inspired by the film, Lincoln, to look into the part Mississippi played in the abolition of slavery in our country.  Dr. Batra discovered the error and notified the Mississippi Secretary of State who quickly filed the required documentation with the National Archives.
Congratulations to the state of Mississippi.  Welcome to the 21st century.    

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