Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Thank You!"

Today is January 1, 2013. 
Happy New Year! 
And welcome to the bottom of the fiscal cliff.
We should probably be writing about how congress  failed to reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff issues before the midnight deadline; once again placing their ideology and job security before the good of the nation.  After all such historic incompetence warrants comment.  But we’ll save that for  when and if a deal is actually voted into law.
In case you were too deep in the cups to notice; two hours after the deadline the senate managed to cobble together a lame ass bill that addresses the tax issues but puts off the really tough decisions on spending for a couple of months.  The House is supposed to vote on the matter at noon today.  But with the Tea Party crazies involved passage is anything but certain.
So rather than waste your time on “ifs and buts” we’d like to take this opportunity to say...
“Thank You!”
“Thank You” to all of you who have taken time from your busy lives to read our ramblings.  “Thank You” for your comments… both pro and con.  “Thank You” for your support and encouragement.
We have tried our best to cut through the noise and bring you the sometimes ugly and dysfunctional truth about our politics.  To say that our self imposed task is often frustrating is an understatement.  But your encouragement and support over these past two years and 546 postings make it all worthwhile.
Thank You!

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