Friday, September 14, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Dangerous

Mitt Romney is a dangerous man.  His reckless bluff and bluster over foreign policy makes this point abundantly clear. 
We will let others decide whether his unconscionable behavior of late stems from a deep seated hatred of Muslims or a desperate attempt to win political points.  The bottom line is that at a time of international unrest and the murder of four American citizens Romney turned to politics.
 Mr. Romney was so eager to demonstrate his toughness to his base that he put politics ahead of country.  So eager was he to wield his sword against the misguided few who stormed the compounds in Cairo and Libya that he ignored the overriding fact that the United States cannot win a war against a billion Muslims.  His actions in a time of crisis call into question his ability to lead.  His doubling down on the lie the very next day calls into question his character.       
Look at a map of the world.  Examine the pictures on your TV.  American embassies in North Africa and the Middle East are under siege.  Muslims in twelve countries; from Morocco to Indonesia are rising up in violent protest over the disgusting depiction of the prophet Mohammed in an amateur film.   Romney would order in the Marines to tamp out the unrest.  Mitt Romney would have boots on the ground in every one of these countries. Imagine Iraq or Afghanistan…times ten…bloodshed and violent uprisings in the streets…more American lives lost...more American treasure wasted.  This is Mitt Romney’s world view.
Mitt Romney likes to throw out comments like:  “Obama is leading from behind”…’Obama’s failed foreign policies.”…”Obama has made us weaker.”  He is good at criticizing the president.  But when it comes to telling us his own foreign policy ideas he offers nothing but saber rattling rants.   
What would Romney have president Obama do in this particular situation?  Send in the Marines and order them to start mowing down protesters?  Based on his rhetoric the answer is “Yes.”
It’s easy to go all “Rambo” about war when you don’t have to fight it.  It’s easy to order troops into battle when you don’t have to do it.  It’s a different story when you are the man calling the shots…sending kids into harm’s way.  Just ask any president who has ever done it.  We can’t help but wonder if Romney would put politics ahead of pragmatism in making that decision.   
Mitt Romney is a dangerous man.  And recent polls show that the American people are starting to understand that fact.  The just released Wall Street Journal polls show Obama leading Romney by 5 points in Virginia and Florida and by 7 points in Ohio.  Romney MUST win two of these key states to win the election.
Historian Craig Shirley tells us that during times of national crisis the public rallies round the president:  FDR after Pearl Harbor, JFK after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Jimmy Carter after the failed rescue mission, and George W. Bush after 9/11.  The murder of the Libyan Ambassador and three US citizens was one of those times.  Instead of joining all Americans in unified support behind the president Mitt Romney chose to attack…not even having the decency to wait until after the next of kin had been notified. 
Mitt Romney put his political future ahead of his country.  That is dangerous.     

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