Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why Would Any Woman Vote Republican?

Mitt Romney has a problem with women…politically speaking that is.  He is currently sitting on the wrong side of an 18 point gender gap.  It seems that not a week goes by without Romney or his Republican classmates doing or saying something that calls into question their support of women’s issues. 
Take the current kerfuffle over fair pay.  Republicans would like to repeal the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; a bill which helps women to overcome wage discrimination in the workplace.  It was the very first piece of legislation signed by newly elected President Obama.  Mitt Romney was asked if he would have signed the bill.  Romney dodged the question.
Given Romney’s less than courageous response to this seemingly softball question; and considering the Republican Party’s activities regarding women’s rights on both the national and state levels, we just have to ask…
…why would any clear minded woman support Mitt Romney and his Republican Party?
Are you one of the 90+% of women who use contraceptives?  The Republican base would outlaw them.
Do you believe that you and your doctor should decide matters pertaining to your physical and mental well being?  Or do you believe that the GOVERNMENT should decide what legal medical procedures you can and cannot have?  Do you believe the GOVERNMENT should be able to mandate that you undergo medically unnecessary procedures?  Republicans have proffered over 900 such restrictive and invasive bills and there are over 500 such Republican sponsored laws currently on the books.
Are you a woman who believes in the Republican mantra of a small, limited and less intrusive government?  Then how do you justify the above?
Are you a woman of limited financial means…perhaps a single mom with mouths to feed?  Mitt Romney supports the Ryan Budget Plan…a proposal that would reduce the debt and deficit by gutting education, welfare, food stamps, aid to dependent children, Pell grants and a host of other programs that women count on to support their families.  Romney calls the Ryan Plan…”marvelous.”
Are you a woman of substantial means…perhaps a corporate executive and/or member of the top 1% in income?  Economists say that under the Obama administration you have seen your income rise at historic levels.  In fact you are earning more now than you were before the economy crashed.  Romney and the Republicans say Obama’s policies are not working. But you are living proof that that just isn’t true.  You are doing very, very well.  Why would you want to stop the gravy train?  Why would you want to change anything?  Why would you want to return to the same Bush era policies that trashed the economy?
Are you a professional woman?  Do you believe that you got where you are through hard work and effort?  Do you believe that you should receive the same pay for your efforts as your male co-workers?  Republicans want to repeal the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  Romney has refused to offer his opinion.  
Are you elderly, retired or a woman approaching retirement in the next decade?  Are you counting on Medicare and Medicaid to be there in your retirement years?  Mitt Romney and the Republican Party would end Medicare and Medicaid as you know it.  First they will freeze or cut benefits.  Then they’ll turn Medicaid into a block grant system and let each state administer the program as they see fit.  As for Medicare…they’ll give you a voucher for $X dollars.  Hopefully that will be enough for you to purchase sufficient medical insurance, pay any co-pays, satisfy any deductibles and pay for your prescriptions.  If the voucher proves to be insufficient…you are on your own.
Are you a lesbian?  Do you believe that if you find someone that you want to spend your life with you should be allowed to marry?  Do you believe that you are an American citizen and as such entitled to the same constitutional rights as any heterosexual individual or couple?  Do you believe that your sexual orientation should not preclude you from serving in the military?  Mr. Romney and his Republican friends disagree with you on every level.  In fact many of them consider your sexual orientation aberrant.
The Tea Party movement swept Republicans into office in 2010.  Since day one they have initiated  a tsunami of legislative proposals designed to restrict the rights of women.  Laws that were passed decades ago are once again being challenged.  Their agenda is quite clear. 
So given all of the above we have to wonder why any clear minded woman would support Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.  Why is the gender gap only 18 points?
Just asking!

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