Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stupid Is Alive In America

This is bad!
The Florida primary is drawing to a close.  Florida Republicans head to the polls today to vote their choice for President of the United States.  The candidates took to the stump to make their last best case to the voters. 
Mitt Romney chose to demagogue social security and Medicare; sounding more like the leftist of liberals than the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.  He followed that up with an off key version of America the beautiful.
Not to be outdone; Newt Gingrich decided that the last thing he wanted voters to think about when they entered the voting booth was that Romney, as Massachusetts Governor, prevented kosher foods from being served in nursing homes.
Ladies and gentlemen; we give you the Republican candidates for President of the United States.
Over the past ten days the Republican candidates and their super pacs have spent over $30 million dollars running ads in Florida.  92% of those ads have been negative attack ads focused on disemboweling their opponent.  Voters looking for substantive cures for their problems need look elsewhere.
This culture in the Republican Party that rewards negativity over substance found its origin in the 2010 elections; where the conservative base, led by the attack dogs of the Tea Party, swept Republicans into control of the House.  The vicious attacks proved successful back then and brought to the forefront a growing divide between the conservative base and the moderate establishment factions of the party.  That rift continues to widen to this day; and it threatens the party at its very core.
Mitt Romney represents the establishment moderates.  He has run a vacuous campaign focused on attacking his opponent rather than proffering ideas for the future.  Trying to determine where Romney stands on the issues is like trying to catch water in your hand.  Romney has no core beliefs.  His only conviction is that he wants to be president.
Newt Gingrich represents the conservative base.  He has very strong beliefs.  His asserts that the poor have no role models and that we need colonies on the moon.  He is angry that the establishment wants him to step aside and allow Romney the crown.  And so he will continue his fight all the way to the convention; because if he cannot win the nomination then Romney sure as hell won’t win it either.
And so Romney and Gingrich spend millions attacking each other while voters are left to fret about their future.          
The Republican Party is an absolute train wreck.  The divisiveness is devouring the party from within.  At a time when the voters are struggling, out of work and fearful of losing their homes; the party leaders are talking kosher food and singing patriotic hymns.
Stupid is alive in America.        

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