Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Working For The People

It’s looking more and more likely that 160 million Americans are going to see their annual take home pay reduced by an average of $1,000 come the first of the year.
Unable to control their Tea Party members, Republicans on the House Rules Committee voted to prevent a direct vote on a bi-partisan Senate bill to extend the payroll tax cuts for two months.  The bill had already passed in the Senate by an overwhelming 89-10 vote.
It appears that the rules committee may vote to refer the matter to a conference committee in the hope of reaching a compromise with the Senate.
Confused?  Who wouldn’t be?  Here is what really happened.
Boehner told Senate Minority Leader McConnell that he could get his caucus to approve a bi-partisan bill approved by the Senate.  He even praised its passage.  Then he tried to sell the bill to his caucus.  Once again, the Tea Party members refused to comply.  Faced with the knowledge that he had lost control of his caucus (again) Boehner is scrambling to avoid the stink that will land on him and his party if the Tea Part intransigence leads to a tax increase for 160 million Americans.  So to save face, instead of voting “No” on a two month extension of the tax cuts the House will probably issue a “sense of the house" resolution (what?) SUPPORTING a ONE YEAR extension of the tax cuts.  Their feeling is that a “positive” statement will play better in the press than a “negative” vote.
Are you kidding?  160 million Americans are looking at a tax hike and all the House members are worried about is “making a positive statement” to cover their ass.
Ladies and gentlemen…your United States Congress!  Sleep well tonight because Congress is looking out for your best interests.


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